Parkinson’s Disease Support Group (PDSG) & Rajkot Knee Club (RKC) well-functioning at RK Physiotherapy & Research Center

Posted on December 26th, 2018 @ 11:01am

As a part of extension services of RK University, PDSG & RKC are functioning full fledge with its regular meetings scheduled on first Saturday & Sunday of every month. The clubs activities are planned keeping in view benefit & welfare of members. Numerous activities that are meant for patient’s health improvement, camps, expert sessions by doctors, entertainment activities etc. are been organized by Clinical In charge Dr. Khyati Tada & student committee from school of physiotherapy. The meeting on 4th & 5th July consisted of innovative session that was structured with play activities that included games like lemon & spoon, memory check, passing the parcel etc. that basically aimed to improve patient’s gross motor & fine motor movements, cognition & co-ordination Proprioception, balance & co-ordination. It proved to be very much fruitful time for the patients that help them in rehabilitation of multiple health aspects with very simple activities.

Hard work & sincere efforts by the team members & enthusiastic participation & involvement by the club members has made these meetings worthy.