World Hypertension Day - 2023

Posted on February 3rd, 2024 @ 03:30pm

The exclusive event organized by the School of Physiotherapy at RK University on World Hypertension Day was started at 1:25 PM,17th May 2023 and attended by a total of 15 participants. Out of these, 14 participants had registered for the event through the Google Form provided, while 1 participant attended without prior registration. Event coordinator Dr. Parthkumar Devmurari, Assistant professor, SPT and Faculty advisor of Breaths and Beats support group, SOAC club delivered relaxation therapy training to participants along with Dr. Khushboo Parmar MPT scholar and Mr. Arunkumar Shreshtha, BPT student. The whole event was organized in Yoga Hall where all amenities like air conditioner, noise free environment with audio-visual equipment were available. Prior to the event, the staff members were sent a registration link to ensure their participation. This helped in organizing the event efficiently and keeping track of the number of attendees.

The event aimed to raise awareness about hypertension and promote relaxation through Group Relaxation Therapy. Participants had the opportunity to get their blood pressure measured both before and after the relaxation session. It was observed that the post-measurement blood pressure showed a reduction compared to the initial measurements, indicating the positive impact of the relaxation therapy on blood pressure levels. In addition to blood pressure measurement, participants were taught about carotid massage, a technique known for its potential benefits in reducing blood pressure. This valuable knowledge equipped participants with an additional tool to manage hypertension.

Handouts were distributed to all participants, containing procedural commands for relaxation training. These instructions served as a reference guide, ensuring participants could practice relaxation techniques at their convenience and continue to benefit from the experience beyond the event.

To assess the effectiveness of the event and gather participant feedback, a feedback session was conducted. Participants were encouraged to share their thoughts, experiences, and suggestions. The feedback obtained will aid in future event planning and ensure continuous improvement in delivering impactful sessions.

Overall, the event successfully raised awareness about hypertension, provided relaxation therapy, and equipped participants with practical knowledge. The School of Physiotherapy at RK University remains committed to organizing such educational events to promote health and well-being among the university community. Event concluded at 3:00 PM.