World Asthma Day (01-05-2024)

Posted on June 20th, 2024 @ 04:05pm

World Asthma Day was celebrated on 1st May, 2024 on the theme of ‘Asthma Education Empowers’ In context to this, The School of Physiotherapy, R.K. University is celebrating this day every year. This year the day was celebrated with onsite visit to Nachiketa Group, Kothariya Solvent Road, Rajkot.

Total 10 Students from 8th Semester BPT, 5th Semester BPT & 2nd Semester BPT have participated in the camp under the guidance of Dr. Kajal Pokar, Assistant Professor, School of Physiotherapy, RK University.

At Construction Site, Camp was organized to assess the Pulmonary Function in Construction Workers. Peak Expiratory Flow Measures was measured and recorded. After doing the check-up, Physiotherapy Management was given to them. The subjects were divided into a group of 4 -5 Subjects and Glossopharyngeal Breathing, Pursed Lip Breathing, Balloon Blowing Exercise & Box Breathing Exercise were demonstrated by the therapist. They were also advised about the preventions and lifestyle modifications related to Asthma, mainly advised for wearing masks during their work and to continue breathing exercises regularly. Around 35 Subjects took the advantage of health checkup camp.